Deal of the Day: Save 57% on FileScout for BlackBerry


FileScout is today’s deal of the day at the PocketBerry Store.  For those who aren’t familiar with the app, FileScour is a file, text, zip, and image manager for BlackBerry.  There’s just one too many features you can check out after the jump.  For today only, you can save 57% on FileScout, bringing it down to $2.99, rather than $5.99.  Hit the jump for a list of features and link to check it out.

Features include:

  • Browse over the file system of your BlackBerry® device
  • Show hidden files and directories (indicated by grey name)
  • Show ‘encrypted content’ (indicated by a caution icon)
  • Creating new directories
  • Copy a single file (or a group of files) from one folder to another
  • Move files (incl. multi select) – (in the same way as copy a file)
  • Renaming existing files & directories
  • Auto rename/overwrite if a file already exist at the destination [of copy & move], this behavior is configurable via options
  • Delete files (incl. directory structures)
  • If you use OS4.x: Delete pre-installed wallpapers, videos, and ringtones (not avail. for OS5+ since RIM locked the FileSystem)
  • Copy or More complete directory structures (including all it’s content) in the same way as single files can be copied
  • Delete directories with all its content (recursive)
  • Unpack ZIP-Archives (including directory structures) – no support for password protected zips
  • Create a ZIP-Archive from a marked single file, a group of files (mark multiple files by pressing the SPACE-key) or a selected directory (including all it’s content/recursive)
  • Resize Images to save time and money when sending photos that have been taken with your BackBerry® or coming from other sources (this also can save device memory)
  • Rotate Images (90°, 180°, -90°) (might require image resizing first)
  • Capture device screenshots
  • Create Playlists across multiple folders [select in any folder your audio files (via Space-Key) and once you have marked all files select ‘Create Playlist from selection’ from the menu](this menu item is only available, if you have specified a ‘Playlist Directory’ in the options)
  • Create Playlists from current directory content [optional: including all subdirectories (recursive)] (this menu item is only available, if you have specified a ‘Playlist Directory’ in the options)
  • eMail Archive Function
  • Send and Receive files via Bluetooth (OBEX-Push)
  • DriveUsage: Easily detect directories that acquire a lot of device memory
  • FileScout register itself as default content handler for ‘.INI’, ‘.LOG’ and ‘.XML’ files [This allows you to open this files e.g. from eMail attachments directly in the FileScout SimpleTextViewer/Editor]
  • Add the current directory to your ‘favorite directory list’
  • From anywhere goto any of your favorite directories (from the list)
  • From anywhere goto any other directory on your device by using SHIFT+G|SHIFT+H (Nodes can be expanded or collapsed with the SPACE-Key)
  • Opening Media-Files (if supported by your device):
  • ·····o Audio: W4A|AAC|MP3|WAV|AU3|MID|WMA
  • ·····o Video: MPEG|AVI|MP4|3GP
  • ·····o Image: JPG|PNG|GIF|TIFF|SVG|BMP
  • ·····o Office (requires installed “Office to go”): DOC|XLS|PPT
  • ·····o PDF [requires installed “PDF to go” or “Repligo Reader” (incompatible with BeamReader)]
  • ·····o Other: TXT|HTML
  • ·····o Playlists: M3U
  • Opening custom registered files – FileScout allows you to associate own file extensions with custom applications (like you might know it from other OS)
  • Opening Files in a SimpleTextViewer:
  • ·····o You can open files in plain text mode – This enables you to open XML’s, INI’s or any kind of script files (or any other files) in your BlackBerry®
  • ·····o Once the file is opened, you can mark/select text and copy it into the clipboard (to use it where ever you like or need it)
  • ·····o Quick navigation via key shortcuts
  • Creating new text files (if edit-mode is configured in options)
  • Opening Files in a SimpleTextEditor:
  • ·····o Once it’s enabled in the options you can edit the text files that you have opened in the SimpleTextEditor.
  • ·····o by default all files will be open with UTF-8 character encoding
  • ·····o Re-read file with different encodings [UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, UTF-16BE or US-ASCII]
  • ·····o Search in content
  • ·····o Save File
  • ·····o Save File as…
  • ·····o both ‘save’ functions will use UTF-8 encoding
  • Show File details
  • Show Directory details
  • and way way more…

And there you have it – a bunch of features.  Click the link below to grab a copy of FileScout for BlackBerry for only $2.99.

Check out FileScout for BlackBerry >>


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