YouTube Downloader for BlackBerry – Download YouTube videos in HD


It’s pretty straight forward.  YouTube Downloader HD promises you can download YouTube videos in high definition.  I haven’t tried the application yet, but as mentioned in the description it is one of the best selling applications over at PocketGear.

Currently there’s ways to download YouTube videos on your computer through third party websites, but there was never a mobile fix for it until now.  YouTube Downloader HD is $5.99 at the PocketBerry Store.  Click the link below to check it out today.

Check out YouTube Downloader HD >>


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  • 9of13

    I just tried to dl this and the dl keeps failing. on the dl screen, it lists the country as “UA” and the app wont authenticate. It may not be available in the US

  • Vongshun

    Very good app 😀

  • Adild1

    Where’s the download link the one on this page is not working please help

  • Adild1

    Where’s the download link as soon as I try the link its an error and page not found

    Can someone please email me the link at