Make some beats with Drums for BlackBerry PlayBook


Another cool app that I came across is Drums for BlackBerry PlayBook. This app features a full drum kit, adjustable volume and sustain (to change the length of the sound), visual feedback (to see what drum or cymbals you are hitting) as well as many others.

I have purchased this app and I have had lots of fun making up my on drum beats and pretending to be a rock star. So if you are like me and like making noise or if you know what you’re doing check out Drums for BlackBerry PlayBook in BlackBerry AppWorld for .99$ and while you’re at it check out some of the other apps by Jared Costell such as Piano for BlackBerry Playbook, Xylophone for BlackBerry Playbook or Instruments ( a combination of the 3 apps for 2.99$)

Check out Drums >>


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