Rumor: BlackBerry 6.1 OS renamed as BlackBerry 7 OS – QNX not included


Throughout the year we’ve been hearing all about BlackBerry 6.1 OS and seeing devices with it loaded on.  Even all the leaked roadmaps made references to OS 6.1 and OS 6.1 Lite.  Some tips have been sent over to CrackBerry indicating that BlackBerry 6.1 OS is being renamed BlackBerry 7 now.  The downside? It’s not going to be QNX based yet.  We’ll have to wait til BlackBerry 8 for that it looks like.

As just mentioned, there has been BlackBerry 6.1 Lite, which means there could be a lite version for the BlackBerry 6 devices we currently have which includes the Torch 9800 and Bold 9780.  RIM may have gone with BlackBerry 7 as the name change because it is only being supported on the new BlackBerry smartphones with enhanced hardware.  Keeping the name as BlackBerry 6.1 makes it seem more as an update to the current 6.0 devices.  Make sense?

So when’s QNX rolling out to BlackBerry smartphones? From the way things are looking now, we’ll probably see that announced at BlackBerry World 2012 at the earliest.

So it’s expected to be announced next week at BlackBerry World, along with the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 and hopefully some PlayBook enhancements (BBM video please).  Stay tuned for more as we get closer to BlackBerry World next week.


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