BlackBerry App World 3.0 details leaked out


Some leaked details on BlackBerry App World 3.0 have started to surface.  As you know by now, RIM showed off some BBM Social Platform capability this week at BlackBerry World, and that same feature seems to be included in this new App World we’re hearing rumors about.

Hit the jump for the full feature list!

  • New UI (categories OS6s-style with carousel)
  • Social Sharing of Apps (via BBM )
  • Subscription for content per7/30 days Trials
  • Normalize prices between currencies
  • Search bar (like universal search in home screen)
  • Carrier Billing for major carriers

Enterprise AppWorld

  • Enterprise channel inside AppWorld
  • Blackberry OS first, PlayBook later
  • Visibility and permissions managed by BES admin

So that’s what’s out there now as far as leaked details go.  Things could change of course, but things are looking pretty good for App World according to these details.

Source: N4BB


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