Import/Export BlackBerry Contacts to/from PC as vCard or CSV file


There is actualy an app for that.  Cleverly, it’s called Contact Import/Export.  If you have have the need to have your contacts as vCards or CSV files easily, you can try this application for BlackBerry that does it all automatically for you.

Features include:

  • Export function. Export BlackBerry® contacts to SD Card/Memory Card as vCard or CSV files
  • Email function. Exported files can be emailed to you directly
  • Edit function. users can edit the exported contacts directly or with Outlook, Excel in PC
  • Import/Restore function. Import vCard or CSV files into BlackBerry® contacts
  • Compatibility. The exported contacts can import to other smart phones, not just BlackBerry®
  • Wireless. No need to connect with Desktop Manager
  • Date Reminder function. Import Birthday or Anniversary to calendar. All configurable.
  • Convenient. Provide manual/automatic exporting modes.

Contact Import/Export is $2.99 to grab at the PocketBerry Store.  Click the link below for more info or to purchase.

Contact Import/Export for BlackBerry >>


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