BlackBerry WebWorks SDK updated for Tablet OS


It looks like BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS just got updated and released by RIM.  In this update we see additions such as the in app payment API, camera API, and much more.  The possibilities? A lot more now.  The camera API being out and open alone calls for more video chatting apps, hopefully some cross platform ones so we can utilize the built in cameras more.  Hit the jump for the full change log or click here to grab the new SDK.

More Ways to Monetize

With support for the BlackBerry In App Payment API developers can now include In App Payment Services as part of their applications. This enables them to sell digital goods directly from their BlackBerry PlayBook applications.

More Ways to Integrate

Developers can now further integrate their applications with the functionality of the Tablet OS for PlayBook and can create new BlackBerry experiences that leverage the PlayBook’s professional grade features. Among the new APIs that enable deeper integration are the Camera API for taking pictures/video taping from within the WebWorks applications with the PlayBook’s powerful dual HD cameras; the Microphone API which developers can use to activate the capability to record audio with the PlayBook’s microphone; the Identity API provides applications with the ability to retrieve information about the BlackBerry PlayBook PIN; and the File IO API which gives developers the possibility to read, copy and write files onto the Tablet OS file system.

More Development Choices

In addition to JavaScript, many Tablet OS WebWorks APIs can now be called using AJAX which allows for increased development flexibility for developers who prefer a RESTful or URI implementation.



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