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RIM hosting BBM Apps Hackathon

14 July 2011 No Comment

RIM is hosting a pretty cool event for developers soon called BBM Apps Hackathon.  This event allows developers to get into app building with the BBM Social Platform.  Alongside will be RIM experts showing ins and outs of the platform as well.  RIM is running a contest starting today and ending July 22nd for the best developers at Hackaton.  To enter the contest you need:

  • have an idea for a new BlackBerry® application that incorporates BBM
  • have the capability to build a BlackBerry smartphone app with their idea
  • have a laptop with all the software, accessories and equipment needed to build their app, including a laptop loaded with BlackBerry® WebWorks™ or BlackBerry® Java®
  • be a resident of the United States, District of Columbia (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Florida) or Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • be able to travel to attend the BBM Apps Hackathon Event (“Event”), August 10-13, 2011, and be able to confirm such availability within 48 hours of potential winner notification from RIM
  • understand that the Event will be filmed and that by participating in the BBM Apps Hackathon Contest, consent to the filming of your developer story and the use of your image

Dates: August 11-12, 2011  in New York

More info on Hackathon >>

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