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Pandas vs Ninjas – “Best ANGRY BIRDS Alternative for your BlackBerry”

18 July 2011 No Comment

Angry Farm was the first knockoff of Angry Birds for BlackBerry, and it did well for a while but still wasn’t the same as Angry Birds that we see on other platforms such as iOS and Android.  So XIMAD let us know about a game they recently developed and officially launched called Pandas vs Ninjas.  You guessed right! It’s another Angry Birds alternative for BlackBerry, some may agree it looks better than Angry Farm.  XIMAD called Pandas vs Ninjas the “best Angry Birds alternative for BlackBerry.”  You make your own judgements on that, but it is overall an enjoyable game given the limited hardware BlackBerry has currently.

I downloaded the game to try it out and it isn’t bad.  Just don’t have high expectations in the game to have fluid graphics like the iPhone and Android devices and you’ll be pretty satisfied.  It starts with the a panda launching mini pandas at ninjas across the board.  They’re a bit harder to destroy in this game, as Angry Birds you can launch a bird and the first hit usually destroys them (unless they have crazy gear and helmets).

Pandas vs Ninjas is $2.99 to purchase from BlackBerry App World.  If you take a look at all the new games available for BlackBerry, this is definitely one to make a purchase towards next.

Pandas vs Ninjas for BlackBerry >>

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