BlackBerry Bold 9930 Video Demo show up on Verizon website!


Surely RIM leaks stuff out by accident, but so do carriers!  Verizon has put up a BlackBerry Bold 9930 demo by accident when browsing video for the Bold 9650.  We’ve seen the Verizon Bold 9930 ads show up on Google before and now this! Not your average accident, but pretty cool for those who were iffy about a Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 hitting the streets.  To see the video on Verizon’s website, simply click here then navigate over to one of the videos and you’ll see that it’ a 9930, unless Verizon changes it by now.  For those who miss it, check out the full clip after the jump!


Browsing via BlackBerry? Click here to view video

Source: CrackBerry


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