Free Magic Screen App brings Etch-A-Sketch to BlackBerry PlayBook


I guess every tablet should have an Etch-A-Sketch application.  This one’s not branded the same, but it’s the same variation bringing the same features the real deal does.  Magic Screen gives you a left knob for scrolling left and right and a right knob for scrolling up and down.  The only issue I have with it is that once you start drawing in depth, you can’t see a cursor to see where you are at the moment making your pictures a little imperfect.  Maybe we’ll see the developers get on that in future updates!

Magic Screen is free to download from BlackBerry App World and is exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Note: I tried writing “PocketBerry” in MagicScreen for the screenshot, then settled for a sloppy “PB” as it was harder than I thought 🙂

Magic Screen for BlackBerry PlayBook >>


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