T-Mobile USA & Asurion launch Mobile Security for BlackBerry


It looks like T-Mobile USA and Asurion (T-Mobile’s choice for equipment protection) have teamed up together to bring a new service called Mobile Security.  Yes, it is supported on BlackBerry smartphones!  Features of Mobile Security include:

  • Sound and alarm on your lost phone to assist in locating it
  • Locate a lost phone on a map using the phone’s GPS. This is a really neat feature. You can either contact asurion or you can log in on a computer see turn by turn directions to where your phone last pinged in it’s location. (You can set to have your phone ping the network it’s location as frequent as every 15mins to every 90mins)
  • Wipe data from a lost or misplaced phone

Of course we have seen many services like this such as SmrtGuard Mobile Security and RIM’s very own BlackBerry Protect which is offered completely free. However, we now see the wireless carriers are starting to get involved as well. If you have your BlackBerry or any other smart phone insured why not take advantage of the service.

You can add the service to your phone plan at anytime for 3.99$ monthly and the app is a free download you can pick up here. Or if you enroll into T-Mobile’s Equipment Protection Bundle, Mobile Security is included. To find out more information head over to my.t-mobile.com/mobilesecurity to find out more.

Asurion has worked with Verizon and AT&T as well to bring similar services.  If you have Verizon you can pick up their Mobile Recovery App here and AT&T users can pick up Mobile Locate here.


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