Watch tons of movies on your PlayBook with EPIX


EPIX seems to be the current Netflix fixation for the BlackBerry PlayBook for the time being.  It’s a service which has just made its way to the PlayBook in App World where you can stream tons of movies as long as you are connected to WiFi obviously.  Over all, the picture and sound quality are great and looks just as amazing when connecting via HDMI to a television.

Being a Netflix customer for quite some time now, I found that some features were missing or just inconvenient. Of course Netflix is quite smooth in avoiding videoplay from lagging or stopping as it continuously optimizes.  With EPIX, it seems that about 6 or 7 times the video would freeze up for a bit so it could catch up with the stream.  Sounds silly to complain about but Netflix is great for its flawless stream.

The other feature I didn’t like was that if you stopped watching a film and wanted to resume it later, the video played from the beginning all over again.  I am whining a bit when I complain, but these small features and enhancements to better the experience.

Overall EPIX is a great app and definitely the best movie streaming solution on the PlayBook for now (legally).  It’s free to download from App World and also a free 14 day trial is available.  Oh yeah, enjoy the 14 day trial while it lasts because after that you need to sign up for EPIX through Verizon, Dish Network, Cox, or Charter.  You can’t just pay a monthly fee to EPIX which is another downfall.

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