BlackBerry 7 devices not eligible for future QNX OS?


As far as we know now, it was assumed that upcoming BlackBerry smartphones with OS 7 would be eligible for an update to QNX OS.  Now a report over at Business Insider is suggesting that all these BlackBerry 7 devices will not be capable of updating to QNX in early 2012 when launched.

The alleged source is an insider from RIM, but hopefully this is just a misinterpreted rumor.  It would be very inconvenient for BlackBerry users now, and a horrible future for the company if they seriously kill off these OS 7 devices in a few months just like that.  Let’s hope this is just a rumor and not a reality.


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  • i can totally believe this ! and think it is probably true

  • PaloAltoWorldView

    Dude, where have you been since September 27, 2010? This has been crystal clear since then and well-known by everybody (except you). QNX runs on the Texas Instruments OMAP 4400 series processor, ok?  Not Snapdragon.  The first QNX BlackBerry launches “early” 2012 (March? June?) and no BlackBerry released before then will ever be upgradeable to QNX.  

  • LaLa

    You beat me to it. When I read this post that was the first thing I thought. This site has someone writing for it that seemingly has no clue what is going on. This is something that is common knowledge. Anyone that visits crackberry once a month knows this. What in the world is this author doing? Obviously not keeping informed about BB, even though is writing for a BB blog. Wow 

  • Shigity

    During the investors meeting there was mentions on the os7 bbs supporting qnx but just not any existing.

  • the price is right mofo!

    Dude, os 7 devices were indeed rumored to be upgradeable to qnx. That was a rumor just as this bad boy here is a rumor. There really is no official word on it. This was just some info business insider allegedly heard from a rim representative. The way it seems is that os 7 is going to stretch out into end of the year and maybe some of the lower ends will keep it but devices like the torch and bold should be eligible for the upgrade. Ur jimping to too many conclusions.

  • PaloAltoWorldView

    There hasn’t been any more credible rumor to the effect of 7 running QNX than there’s been a credible rumor to the effect of a diesel car running gasoline.  QNX runs on Texas Instruments OMAP; the 7 devices are based on Snapdragon. Capiche?  RIM has been making this clear as crystal starting on September 27, 2010, and there has been zero ambiguity on this front — unless you also believe that your gasoline car will some day run on diesel fuel.

  • As far as I’ve read, everyone has been assuming that QNX was not upgradable on the OS7 devices…

  • Edward

    im thinking rim is going to have some sort of qnx solution for the os 7 devices, regardless of its processor.  its their os – they can shape it however they want.

  • Edward

    they’ll make it happen if they want to

  • Ron

    Actually if you check out the QNX os it can run on any processor…