iOS7 gives your BlackBerry a taste of OS 7 and iOS



iOS7 for BlackBerry is a cool theme giving you the look of both OS 7 and iOS at the same time.  OS 7 kicks in with the new style icons, but around them are the rounded “bubbles” as you would see in iOS.  You get ten icons up top, 5 over 5, and then another row on the bottom as you would see in iOS which also gets 5 icons.  Features include:

  • Bouncing Icons.
  • 12/15 icon Home Screen, depending on the device.
  • Changeable app order.
  • Changeable wallpaper, the Dock remains unchanged.

iOS7 is supported on both OS 5 and OS 6 devices.  Obviously no OS 7 support yet due to the lack of a theme builder but I’m sure that will change soon enough.  Click the link below to check out more on iOS7 theme for BlackBerry or to grab a copy.

Check out iOS7 Theme for BlackBerry >>


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