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Original Torch owners: Will you upgrade to the BlackBerry Torch 9810?

17 August 2011 7 Comments


The BlackBerry Torch 9800 in my opinion was a big hit device as far as BlackBerry devices go.  It was the first BlackBerry to get a full physical keyboard with touchscreen capability.  Although the device lacked speed with its old school processor, it was still a preferred device for many.  Now that there’s other new BlackBerry devices on the market including the Torch 9810/9850/9860 and Bold 9900/9930, We want to know who’s staying loyal to the original Torch form factor and going with the Torch 9810. Drop us a line in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    I wish the Torch form factor were a little bit wider, to allow a little more keyboard room, but apart from that it remains the best form factor for me.  So, hopeful that the 9810 will fulfill some of the frustrated promise of the original, I will immediately upgrade.  I’m hoping for much better and faster browsing and rendering, better pinch and zoom, scrolling, and fewer lags. 

  • angus

    Bold 9900 all the way!!

  • maxpayne79

    As a current torch owner I’ll be switching to either the 9860 or rhe new 9380 all touch curve as long as it’s 3G. The 9800 and the 9810 I find irrelevant.

  • Paso971

    I will clearly get the 9900.The 9810 doesn’t look new enough for me.It looks like the same old device for me.Just like the 9700 and his brother.

  • Daqie

    I’ll be staying loyal and upgrading to the 9810.  I love the large screen and the qwerty keyboard.

  • Davie916

    I love my Torch 9800 but will likely get the 9900 bold touch. I want the speed and touch screen of my torch but in the package of my fave phone the bold 9000

  • Akif Ali

    nope…blackberry is and always will be behind the great Google!!