Use Device Switch feature in OS 7 next time you change BlackBerry devices


device switch 1device switch 2

I noticed on both the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 that in the Setup menu there’s a new option called “Device Switch.”  In this menu, you get the luxury of switching BlackBerry devices by backing everything up to your memory card and then exporting it back out to your new one.  The second option is to switch through Desktop Manager where you’ll just see instructions written.

I think switching BlackBerry devices has become a big problem for a while with all the confusions that OS 5 and OS 6 had in the past.

In OS 6 we saw BBM get a new feature where all contacts were backed up via email so when the same email addresses were setup on the new device, BBM contacts would successfully be restored without needing to send out mass messages saying “this is my new pin.”

So that’s been resolved and the later on BlackBerry Protect released which allows you to back up contacts, memos, calendar, tasks, and text messages.  These could successfully be restored from any device using the Protect app and your BlackBerry ID.  That left out applications.

So RIM rolls out OS 7 which now includes Device Switch.  With Device Switch, you’ll be able to save all your application data which could not be done remotely before.

It’s a cool feature although I haven’t tried it out yet.  Maybe I will for my next device switch.


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