GIVEAWAY: Win a T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900!


tmobile blackberry bold 9900

Instead of doing the same old BlackBerry PlayBook giveaway for the next month, we decided to go with an OS 7 device and a popular one at that.  The BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes out in all T-Mobile stores on August 31st so we decided to run a giveaway for the device.  Same rules apply to participate:

  • Drop a comment below using a valid email address.
  • Retweet this post or Like it on Facebook (if you win, you’ll send us a screenshot showing you did)

And that’s all there is to it!  You have until September 30th to participate where a winner will be chosen on the 31st.  The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will come with an unlock code in case you’d like to use it on another carrier.  Giveaway is open to all of the US and Canada.  Good luck to all!


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  • Josh

    Dear Pocketberry,
    Nothing compares to this piece of art, and though the odds on me winning it are 1/90 yes i am that desperate that i counted there is nothing like trying. This instrument of communication is beautiful in every way from its slick physique to its beautifully chunkie buttons and its screen as smooth as water. This completely trumps my clunky but surprisingly vintage blackberry curve 8300, i think its time for me to let go and a blackberry 9900 may ease the parting pain or completely forget it and scream with happiness like a child at a premature September Christmas. So when choosing your victor of this blackberry quest please think of me and the pain i will endure alone, when my 8300 splutters to its perhaps timely death and i have to face the prospect of a nokia :(. 
    Thanks for this opportunity

  • I would love to win this phone. I currently have no cell phone, but that might change soon if my luck is good!

  • Kendalljnews
  • Cell FanNY38

    I would love this Blackberry for T-Mobile.  I am looking to dump my POS android phone on T-Mobile.  Hope to win one of these.  Can’t take my current phone anymore.  Freezes, and reboots constantly. 

  • JavaBratt

    Would SO love to win this device. Thanks for the contest!

  • Rob Wiley

    im prayin for a miracle please pocketberry

  • Elena

    Oh i wish its mine ! Join it 🙂

  • Lexus_supastar

    This phone is dope. RIM is really on top of their game. They may have been on the bottom for a while but because they listened to what the people want they are truly making a comeback. Droid and iphones are great but to me it speaks volumes that most major corporatations use Blackberry as their businesses main communication. Blackberry have loyal clients and have been around well before the reincarnation of the iPhone every year. Or the magical Droid that started on some Motorola phones. Blackberry will never have to retire they are the ones that changed the game. If I had to describe Blackberry phones in one word it would be classic.



  • malin

    itd be awesome if my first phone was this bold!

  • William

    *fingers crossed* here goes nothing.

  • Francis-Richards

    I really need this phone need an upgrade currently using a 8100 pearl pathetic right, I really love the blackberry phones and the 9900 seems like it is perfect for me, Thanks for your consideration.

  • Sean013

    i would love to win this!

  • Cony246

    I would love to get this phone. It is the only blackberry that i think would be worth getting.

  • Kevin Farley

    Need a new bb badly. Love it but need to see if OS7 is finally “it”

  • Phartzel

    Would love to get this Blackberry!

  • smile

    Checking in.

  • Ozzym

    ZOMG. I would love to win this!

  • Ericsonv

    This is it !!!! This is THE phone I want, a BB Bold 9900. Thanks.

  • Sal ROMO

    Me me me me pick me!

  • Josesim2002

    Bb 9900 is mine

  • Oh i hope i become a lucky winner of this…*raises hand*

  • Audirocs

    ooo oo oo me. I would like one.

  • LrichBlack

    I need this phone so badly, this would be the first blackberry I ever owned, I have always loved them and this would so make my year. I hope I win and all the best to everyone else who entered, Im sure you all are equally deserving. Thanks 

  • Jojo

     Winning this blackberry would be such an honor, yes I said an honor because I would finally be among the millions who represent this innovative company and their amazing technology. And also this would be an amazing belated birthday present 😉 I just really need this phone so bad

  • Mma Ruthdanica

    if i win this phone a very great honor and i want to experience this wow technology and advance christmas gift for me and to my son..Please

  • Nicvsamuel

    Right basically, my parents have had such a traumatic divorce and we are on low income for money. I feel awful asking this for Christmas because truth is that I wont get it, however, I am entering this competition and praying to G-d that for one Christmas I’d be suprised that I received for what I asked for. Please will you just consider this.. Nic x

  • Aaron Guatno

    This was so awesome. I love BlackBerry Bold 9900. But i have no these phone. Love this ads

  • Attndan

    It would be really terrific to have anew enough BB to bridge  to  my PlayBook. 
    Great contest pocketberry!

  • omg I really want this phone.. my love is in diffrent country thn me.. and this phone and BBM on it will make our life soh much easier and happier.. figures crossed hope I win.. thanx..:)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, please….please…choose…me.

  • Anonymous

    even im 12 this will be my frist phone and im not lieing i swear on my life also this will be the first phone and blackberry phone i really wish my dreams come true at least 1nce if they do i will be pleased and i will thanks all people who made this website and helped otheres make their dreams come true so thanks and im wishing everyone good luck just like my self if i dont win i will be dissapointed but this will be my only dream to come true good luck everyone xx!!xoxo

  • Imanrut

    i think this is amazing i love the blackberry bold 9900. i always wanted one

  • Wileys Lykra


  • Thank you for this it means a lot.