Another look at the mysterious BlackBerry 9980 in all angles


Is it real, is it not? A few weeks ago, we showed you a leaked image of a suspected QNX BlackBerry, which everyone claimed to be fake especially since the first QNX smartphone from RIM is supposted to be full touchscreen.  Now we get a closer look at the device in high quality images and it’s all just way too weird.  It’s got OS 7 on it (that’s what it looks like), full QWERTY keyboard, and a leather back with the BlackBerry logo stamped into it.  The keyboard looks like no other BlackBerry device we’ve seen before and the right side has the new style volume up/down keys with the mute in between them just as we’ve seen with the Bold 9900/9930.  More info and images after the jump!

It’s a really confusing standpoint, but if it’s just another phoney BlackBerry they did a good job fooling us into thinking RIM has a whole new BlackBerry design up their sleeve.  Here’s all the characteristics spotted that are of the Bold 9900:

  • Convenience key, volume keys, mute key, lock/standby key
  • Bottom charging contacts
  • Headphone jack and micro USB placement
  • BlackBerry battery with micro SD card slot right on top of it
  • BlackBerry logo perfected on both the front and back (perhaps that’s the easy part)

What’s up with the word “PROCEEDING” all the way on top of the device?  I guess that’s another mind effer.  And for the trackpad, it’s definitely not typical of RIM to do.  Definitely calls for a lot of confusion.  Any way, these are just some quick assessments on the device, but there’s of course more to look deep into.  Check out the full image album below, what do you think?

Source: MaxPDA


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  • lky on remko

    So I know many people think this is “ugly” and “no way”. I personally would love it if this was real. Os7 or QNX, it looks good.

    And I think maybe it could be real
    With the world of smartphones ever changing, RIM may want to re design a few phones. They all have that iconic BB look and this one does not. Maybe they are trying to appeal to a larger market. How many different looking androids are out there? Tons! Yea I know they’re all different makers but still.

    I would bet if RIM put this out, it would encourage apple to make a new style iphone.

    My main concerns with this being a fake is, as you said, the track pad, and in my opinion, I don’t think rim would make buttons that look so easy to get dirt and dust under, especially on the sides. But I hope its real.

  • Jerzi

    Interesting…. But I really hate that thing in centre, and I’m not sure about that keyboard because it’s really too flat.

  • caland

    this smells funny.. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was a prototype blackberry