BlackBerry PlayBook is good for children too!


Being a parent of a 6 year old, I try and justify some of my tech purchases. Is this item going to be kid friendly?! When I purchased my BlackBerry PlayBook the day it officially launched I wasn’t sure. After using it for about 5 months I see that the PlayBook isn’t just a win for adults, businessmen (and women), students, but for children as well.

While watching The Cat In The Hat on PBS I noticed an advertisement for I happened to have my PlayBook next to me so I jumped online and it loaded up smoothly. While browsing the website I noticed that there were many educational games that my son could play that encompassed many topics such as:

  • Reading Games
  • Letter Games
  • Number Games
  • Science Games
  • Math Games
  • Literacy Games
  • Spelling Games
  • Vocabulary Games

Also,  he would be able to watch videos ( full length shows, as well as short clips), and participate in many other activities. My son was very happy with the content and using the touchscreen which I thought was very good. (since everything seems to be going touchscreen, and it’s nice to see him getting into technology at a young age)


However, is not only just for the kids, browsing through the catalog I noticed a PBSParent section that had various topics from:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Chi;d Development
  • Food and Fitness
  • Issues and Advice

Which all focus around bettering your child’s health, education and awareness.  There is one thing that I would love to see in the future, and that is implementing an app in App World. I noticed in the mobile section they had additional games that weren’t available on the site (at least I didn’t notice them) that were only available on select platforms. (BlackBerry not included)

However, with finds like this its a win:win not only for the parent who wants to make conscious decisions on products that they are buying, but also for the kid who wants to play with mommy or daddy’s new toy.With so many great features on the BlackBerry PlayBook  the web browser is awesome with its abilities. So if you are in  the market for a tablet the Blackerry PlayBook is a great device to have especially if you are a parent. This is also a great time to purchase a PlayBook and take advantage of specials and deals that RIM is offering right now. ($100 Prepaid Mastercard for purchasing a BlackBerry PlayBook)

Other websites that are kid friendly that I tried were:

  • NickJR
  • Teen Nick

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