Tip: Cache your songs in BBM Music for faster stream


cache music bbm music

Yeah I know BBM Music isn’t available to the public just yet, but there are plenty of beta testers out there.  So this tip goes for now and later of the option remains there.  In BBM Music, it streams music off the cloud and you choose the songs you want in your top 50 list and can play all your BBM friends’ 50 songs as well.  Get it?

Now to the point – if you’d like a more “flawless” experience with minimal leg when playing music, cache it!  Simply when browsing through your BBM list, hit the menu button and you’ll see an option called “Cache My Songs.”  This will cache your music to your memory card.  With that said, you’ll have faster stream for your music with very little lag.


Thanks Luis from BerryReview for the tip!


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