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BlackBerry Smartphone Wallpapers on your BlackBerry PlayBook – Why not?

21 September 2011 2 Comments

I’m going to start this off with I love my BlackBerry Smartphone as well as my BlackBerry PlayBook regardless of what anaylst or “professionals” say about the BlackBerry Brand. Now, with that being said I always find myself looking for cool little tricks to enhance my experience on my devices. One neat trick I found was using my wallpapers or pictures on my BlackBerry smartphone on my BlackBerry PlayBook.

It is a very easy process and  it sure beats having to download a zip file, and unzip it and connect your PlayBook to the computer etc. There is no computer necessary for this. Here are the steps:

  • Connect BlackBerry smartphone to BlackBerry PlayBook (via BlackBerry Bridge)
  • Once Connected open Bridge Files and you can explore your directories
  • To access BlackBerry smartphone wallpapers go to “device/samples/pictures”
  • To access your pictures go to “media card/blackberry/pictures or camera”
  • Open the file you want
  • Take a screenshot from your BlackBerry PlayBook (using the “-” & “+” keys at the top of your PlayBook)
  • Open up pictures on your PlayBook , select the file, and set as wallpaper




It’s that easy. Follow these simple steps, and you can make any wallpaper you want, or you can use the custom BlackBerry smartphone wallpapers that your device offers without needing an special equipment or files to download or extract. It’s also good to have a good screen capture app on your BlackBerry smartphone so you can catch images like these below, and also use them as wallpapers. Go ahead it’s 3 FREE wallpapers!  Surely BlackBerry smartphone resolution isn’t as large as the PlayBook’s so if you don’t mind it not being 100% crisp, try it out.  In my opinion, it looks good as seen in the screenshots.




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  • Swiggywigg1

    U r quick with ur hands! How the heck did u take these pics??!?

  • Jon

    all screenshots! use capture it on my blackberry on screen shots from my playbook