Will the BlackBerry PlayBook maintain a low price tag?


Over the last couple weeks, we saw various retailers cut prices for the BlackBerry PlayBook extremely.  It came to the point where you could get the 64GB PlayBook for $499.99, which was the starting price for the 16GB once upon a time.  As soon as these promotions ran, we saw Amazon announce their Kindle Fire tablet which in my opinion looks identical to the PlayBook and apparently is a knock off somehow with some hardware similarities.

There were rumors going around that RIM was exiting the tablet market and that called for a price drop in pricing, but RIM quickly replied back saying that they have no interest in that and will continue its efforts with their BlackBerry PlayBook.

People are still challenging the statement thinking that RIM has plans to pull out in the future and reducing the price to a bare minimum might be the first step the company takes to achieve that.  Let us know your thoughts.  Is the PlayBook going to maintain these low prices or will it indeed go back up to $499 again?


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  • http://www.rimarkable.com Robb Dunewood

    Ultimately I think RIM will need to maintain a $299 or lower price point on the 16 GB model PlayBook.  The lack of any type of media ecosystem and the fact that the PlayBook is being compared to the Kindle Fire will make it a tough sell if it goes for more than that.