BlackBerry Messenger on Android screenshots spotted again



Earlier today we showed you BlackBerry Messenger on Android screenshots which appeared to be fake only because of the stock screenshots that were used.  Now we’re seeing it again, this time with clearer photos and it just makes everything confusing all over again.

TechnoBuffalo suggest these are real and the images came from a RIM employee who has stated the following:

I work for RIM and I was shown the latest version of bbm for android. I ran the app on the blackberry android dev phone.( The dev phone feels very cheap and unstable and the front four buttons have just been stuck on. I don’t believe this phone will ever be released to the public.) The latest version certainly looks better than the previous version.

Just to clarify for the leaks earier this week, the “Nicole” account in the previous photos is the default account for BBM Testing.

There’s an explanation for the screenshots in the second paragraph about Nicole, but that seems way too fishy to me.  Sounds like a cover up of some false rumors if you ask me.  The screenshots are exactly identical to the stock images RIM used in their post in the past.  RIM has denied Android support for BBM already, so this leaves us at a mystery.  More screenshots after the jump!


Source": TechnoBuffalo


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