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Would you switch to an Android device if it had BBM?

5 October 2011 2 Comments


It’s not the first time we ask our readers this question, but it tends to change from time to time.  From one stand point, there are some folks out there who had faith in RIM on releasing the ultimate device that supported high quality games and apps like its competitors.  Some others are satisfied with the progress so far or just don’t really care for it at the moment.  All the odd “leaks” lately displaying BBM on Android devices got me wondering how many BlackBerry users out there would actually leave the brand for an Android device if BBM was included.  I’ll admit it would be a cool combination, but would definitely miss the BlackBerry OS user interface.  Let us know in the comments.

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  • Samgbx

    No. I have no interest in android devices…if it went iOS however, that would fully tip me to switching

  • Anonymous

    BBM for Android would actually keep me with BB. I’m tired of my friends all leaving for Android and I’m running low on BBM contacts.