Boost Mobile BlackBerry Style 9670 discontinued?


boost mobile style 9670

A tipster from Boost Mobile let us know that the company has decided to get rid of the BlackBerry Style 9670, already.  With that said, it’s obvious that the device is not doing well at all.  Sprint did away with it at first then later passed it along to their prepaid division Boost which obviously did poorly.

As of now, retail locations are still carrying the device and it seems to be available online still.  Perhaps we’ll see them get rid of whatever stock is around and that’ll be the end of it.

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  • Idapimpyoudaho

    wow this makes no sense… the Style is a vastly better phone than the bb curve they are still currently selling… its ashame people can’t seem to recognize a good phone when they see it.  My sister has it and it is not only the best blackberry on any prepaid carrier, it is THE BEST flip-phone EVER.

  • Briggse50

    I hate this phone out f all the phones ive had this is the worst one. Please dont waste your money on it, it was a birthday present to my self and it end up being a joke on me .When i complaint on this phone they made me feel stupid but know they have discontinued it HOW SUPRING IS THIS? Cant wait to see what they are sending me.

  • Julia

    I bought this phone for christmas 2012 and is the best blackberry on any prepaid carrier, it is THE BEST flip-phone EVER.