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The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is one of RIM’s latest BlackBerry 7 devices. The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is definitely one of the lightest, and thinnest BlackBerry devices that is on the market. I must say when I first saw this device it looked very basic and plain. Being part of the Curve family, I
figured that it would be very basic device, that only the entry level user would enjoy. After using the device for a couple weeks I was quickly sold that it is a great device for all BlackBerry users, from the entry level user to the high end abuser.  Want to learn more then keep reading.

Out of the box the BlackBerry 9360 Curve comes with of course the device, charger, usb cable, battery, and headset.  So it comes with the essentials like other devices.  Now unlike the Curve 8520, and 9300 the 9360 comes with a flash on a 5MP camera. (The other devices come with 2 or 3.2 MP cameras and no flash) For me this was an instant win. Flash comes in handy on cameras when taking pictures in darker settings, or in lower light.  Another win for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 it is loaded with BlackBerry 7 OS, which builds on previous success of previous OS with some new improvements.

Check out some images taken from the BlackBerry Curve 9360:


(as you can see indoor  and outdoor pictures, and different time of day)

There are many great things about this device (as mentioned above the camera already shows huge improvement) such as it’s size, when I picked up this device I was surprised how light it was. It is the lightest full QWERTY BlackBerry Smartphone on the market, and just slightly heavier then the 3G Pearl. It is one of the thinnest BlackBerry devices on the market just slightly larger than the BlackBerry 9900 (in thickness).  This makes for very easy storage in pants pockets, or shirt pockets, an it doesn’t feel as if anything is there. (which caught me off guard a couple of times because I thought I lost my phone or forgot where I put it, only realizing it had been in my pants pocket the entire time)




The overall style of the phone is very sleek from the design of the phone with the headset jack at the very top of the phone next to the lock button, to the mute button which is in between the volume up and down keys on the side of the keys. The Curve 9360 also has an awesome back light that not only lights up the keys but also lights around the trackpad. ( I’m sorry that is something that really just tickled me). The keyboard is something else that really jumped out at me. Unlike the 9780 where the keys are really close together the Curve 9360 really has a great keyboard where each key is defined, which makes it easy to press and led to less mistakes when typing.


Even though the device isn’t touch screen like the Bold 9900 series, it still can handle some really cool apps that we first originally saw for ONLY the BlackBerry Bold 9900, and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and 9850 such as Wikitude. You can take advantage of Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser to discover the world around you. Now the Curve 9360 doesn’t offer the accelerometer needed, but Wikitude has adjusted its app to point out whats around you in a list view. Which is very cool. Now one thing that the Curve 9360 has is the NFC technology which is currently disabled but hopefully in the near future we will see more use of Near Field Communications (NFC) and that service being activated.  The Curve 9360 also takes advantage of the BBM Connect platform so you can use apps like Foursquare, Caro, and BBM Music to name a few.


When it comes to media, the Curve 9360 can support up to a 32GB memory card. The speaker on the BlackBerry 9360 is pretty good. I will admit it wasn’t as loud as some of the other devices out there, and when I was in louder areas and wanted to listen to my music I either needed an external speaker or needed to keep the phone really close to me. Now i low level noise areas the speaker and sound quality was superb.

No phone is perfect so there are bound to be flaws here and there; one thing I did notice was the battery life wasn’t the best. My battery life was very inconsistent. I experienced not using my phone at all for 6 hours, no emails no text, no web usage, nothing for 6 hours, and my battery that was fully charged was dead. Some days I could get it to last almost 10 hours. I did notice after using it for about 3 weeks that the battery life normalled out and I was consistently getting 8-10 hours. This device I would definitely recommend carrying a spare battery and a car charger.

Check out some of the comparisons with the Curve 9300(its predecessor) and the Bold 9780 (a close equivalent):



As you can see there are a lot of great additions to the new BlackBerry Curve9360, and it definitely improves from the 9300 and builds off the 9780. A must have device whether you are a first time user, or a BlackBerry abuser. It has a little bit for everyone.


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