It’s easy to make beats with NodeBeat for BlackBerry PlayBook



If you’ve tried DJing but failed, then you should look for other applications where making beats is a lot easier.  NodeBeat is a popular cross platform application which recently launched for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  It’s a really visual application with not much to do but bring shapes out from the top bar and drag them out to the map which essentially connect with one another to create cool beats and tunes.  The shapes can be moved as you like and yes you can record your masterpieces.

So if you’re a horrible DJ, here’s a way to impress your friends or just have some fun on your own.  The app is a lot more interactive with a decent pair of headphones if you really want to get in the zone. You have the option to create beats or listen to premade ones where you can modify.  Check it out at BlackBerry App World for only 99 cents.

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