BlackBerry Curve 9310 First Impressions


curve 9310-1

After being very well acquainted with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 form factor for quite some time now, it was nice getting my hands on the all new BlackBerry Curve 9310.  The device recently launched for Boost Mobile in the United States, bringing an up to date BlackBerry to the prepaid carrier at last.  In the past we’ve seen Boost get the Curve 8330 and Style 9670, but both devices were outdated by the time they reached the carrier.  For once, Boost customers seeking BlackBerry devices can keep up with what’s in this season.

Upon booting up the device, we notice that the screen resolution is much smaller than the Bold (obviously) but is definitely noticeable when web browsing or even reading through email messages.  It’s good to note that yes, this is a basic BlackBerry device, but sports some pretty decent specs for the 100 dollar sum you’ll pay for it.  It’s a 320 x 240 screen resolution with 164 dpi, although we were hoping to see 480 x 360 become the new norm for basic devices.

Any way, the phone operates just as good as any other Curve with its 512MB of built in memory and 800MHz which is nice to see as an improvement for lower end devices.  I’m still getting used to the dedicated BBM button on the left side, as it has become unnecessary to keep the application in my top six used applications.

A camera flash included? Yep, we’re fortunate enough to have a camera flash this time around.  The previous Boost Mobile Curve (8330) was just a basic camera without a flash, so the end users should be happy with that.

Any way, that’s all for my initial and random thoughts on the device.  We’ll be posting up our review on this device after we get some more mileage out of it.  Stay tuned!


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