Get into the Olympic Spirit with Three Free Wild Olympic Games from Colombia Games


With the Olypmics in full swing and everyone getting into the Olympic spirit, it is really great to see the tech world getting into as well. The guys at Colombia Games have released three free games for the BlackBerry PlayBook and for BlackBerry handhelds that will be sure to get everyone of all ages into the Olympic spirit and festivities with the launch of their three Wild Olympics titles. The three titles in the Wild Olympics are all side scrolling games similar to the Running Flame game we reviewed a couple days ago. Wild Olympics take place in the wild, and your opponents aren’t humans but friendly looking animals that you would find in the jungle. Like I mentioned earlier there are three different games available under the Wild Olympic titles; and the three titles are:

  • Wild Olympics – Cycling
  • Wild Olympics – Athletics
  • Wild Olympics – Jump
In Wild Olympics Cycling you are racing in a series of races to make it to the finals all on a bike. If you place high enough you continue to the next round, and if you fail to do so then you have been eliminated and your gold medal dreams are flushed down the drain. In Wild Olympics Athletics you are jumping hurdles in a race, and once again you finish in the top spots to continue racing, until you make it to the finals. In Wild Olympics jump you are pole vaulting, your way to the goal. If you don’t complete the jump you must start all over. As you can see the concept of the games are easy to understand.
Wild Olympics the controls are simple in  Wild Olympics – Cycling you are simply tapping the screen to switch lanes to pass opponents. In Wild Olympics – Athletics you are simply tapping the screen to jump over hurdles, ad in Wild Olympics Jump you have to tap the screen to set the gauge selector in the right position. So head over to App World on your BlackBerry PlayBook or on your BlackBerry handhled (OS 5.0+) and download them all for FREE or  you can also follow the links below. Happy competing!

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