Pacemaker Gives Free Full Copies To Participants In Their Beta Program

Back in May at BlackBerry World Pacemaker showed off their new real time DJ application at the Keynote, and then gave us a real life demo at the BBWC party at Universal Studios with God’s Will demonstrating. The best part about the experience was the guys at Pacemaker gave everyone with a PlayBook an opportunity to get the beat version of Pacemaker for free. After picking up the beta version you had an opportunity to sign up to help them beta test this app and give feedback. In June Pacemaker became official in App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $19.99;  and since then a Pacemaker Lite version $4.99 and a Free trial version has launched.
This week I received word from Pacemaker that all of those involved in the beta could keep mixing  with Pacemaker because they would receive a free full copy of the popular Pacemaker app. Those in the beta test should receive an email with instruction on how to redeem this special and gain their free copy of Pacemaker.
Now for those of you, who may not be familiar with the Pacemaker app and want more information or  to give it a try check out the link for More information on Pacemaker for BlackBerry PlayBook>>

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