Make Some Of The Hottest Reggaeton Beats With BeatStar Reggaeton Now On BlackBerry PlayBook


Colombia Games is at it again, with their release of BeatStar Reggaeton for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Last time you heard about them was during the Olympics when Colombia Games had released three free games that were Olmypic themed. For those of you who are familiar with BeatStar Reggaeton have probably used it on their BlackBerry handheld devices running OS 5.0+; and now it is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

With BeatStar Reggaeton you get to unleash your imagination and make your own Reggaeton mixes. You control the band, and can select one of four sounds or vocal effects for each musician. You have the synth/keyboard, turntables, bass, and of course the very important vocals. There are hundreds and hundreds of beats that can be made, so get creative!  See what you can create with BeatStar Reggaeton.  Check this app out for FREE for not only your BlackBerry handheld  (5.0+) but also for your BlackBerry PlayBook, just follow the link below.


BeatStar Reggaeton For Free>>


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