Check For Updates On Your BlackBerry PlayBook With Check For Updates


This is by far the most interesting app I have seen put out by Research In Motion. Check for updates for those of you who have issues or questions about updating your PlayBook OS, or even if you are new to a BlackBerry PlayBook! This application does nothing but give you 3 steps on ‘How To’ upgrade your PlayBook OS. The three steps to upgrading your software on your Tablet:

  • Step #1 – Look for the software update notification in the status bar
  • Step #2 – Tap the notification to view the update details
  • Step #3 – Tap Download
There is another way that you can also check for updates. You can either look for the icon that shows up on your home screen to update your OS, or simply go to your options and select Software Updates. I’m not sure why RIM exactly launched this application, but if you need it follow the link below to download the FREE app to your BlackBerry PlayBook.

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