Save Yourself The Embarrassing Moments And Download Walk n Type For Your BlackBerry PlayBook!


I’m not sure about you but my face is always buried in my PlayBook. With the use of BlackBerry bridge I find myself sending texts and emails from my PlayBook when I am on the go! I have even ran into people or walls and even trash cans because my head was buried in my PlayBook. So save yourself the embarrassment and download Walk n Type from James Paul Muir. This app utilizes your PlayBook camera so you can see whats in front of you while you compose text or email. Once you are done typing your message you can easily send via email or copy all the text and past it in a memo, text, email etc. One of the best features about this application is it works in either portrait or landscape mode. Here are a list of features of Walk N Type:

  • Built-in spell-check and sentence completion
  • Use in any orientation of the device
  • Compose email message directly from Walk n Type
  • Copy All shortcut – copies the entire message into your clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere
  • Paste shortcut – copy text from another application and continue typing with Walk n Type
  • Clear shortcut – clears the entire text area
  • Save on exit – Walk n Type will save the current text when you exit the application
This is definitely a must have application if you just received a PlayBook for Christmas or if you have had one for some time. You can grab this app for $0.99 in App World for your BlackBerry PlayBook. So like I mentioned before save yourself the embarrassment of falling over things, running into walls or bumping into people and grab your copy of Walk n Type.

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