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For those of you who may know I was selected as BlackBerry Fan Of The Month For September 2012! One of the reasons why I was selected (besides being a die hard BlackBerry fan boy) was because of my photography. I have always loved taking pictures from my BlackBerry devices since the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. As each release of a new device or a new OS has launched their have been more and more improvements to the media capability especially the camera. Some devices now have cameras with auto-focus,  and various scene modes to capture pictures in its natural beauty such as beach, snow, landscape, night, party, and text (to name a few). Mobile devices have really changed the way we use technology, especially with the applications that are being developed and launched. The most popular app has been instagram; however, on the BlackBerry platform there have been many other photo editing and sharing apps that have been making its way on the scene such.

Being a photographer and only taking pictures from my BlackBerry I’ve always wanted to be able to do more. I’m always looking to take my photography to the next level. I’ve always wanted to use various lenses to enhance my photographs. Which to my surprise I was introduced to a website that was just as in love with photography as I was called Photojojo. scour the internet, rip pages out of magazines, ransack our friends’ closets, and go through dumpsters to find the very best Photo tips, DIY projects, and Gear. My buddy Robert showed me that they were selling these awesome photo lenses for mobile devices and they look great. Photojojo offers a great deal on 3 lenses for $50. They include a fisheye lens (capture 180- hemispherical degrees), telephoto (2x zoom without get pixelated pictures), and a 2 in 1 wide/macro lens (wide angle and macro for extremely close up shots). I don’t think I have to write anything else about these lenses, I’ll let them show you what they do! So check out the photos below from my journey with these amazing lenses.



click on images for full size viewing.

Up close and personal with a shell and the sand around it using a BlackBerry 9900 (macro lens)

Look at the fur on the blades of grass using a BlackBerry 9900(macro lens)

BlackBerry logo from the BlackBerry PlayBook sleeve using a BlackBerry 9900 (macro lens)

Welcome To….using a BlackBerry 9900 (text scene mode and the fisheye lens)


Sun setting using a BlackBerry PlayBook (wide lens)

Sun setting using a BlackBerry PlayBook (telephoto lens)

Want to see more pictures I’ve taken just follow the link here to see more pictures taken from many different BlackBerry devices in its natural beauty. No editing done at all.

How does these lenses work well it’s simple. They are magnetic. Each lens comes with of course the lens and a magnetic ring that adheres around the lens of your BlackBerry camera. These rings are really strong and it comes with a few extra just in case you might have other devices you want to add it on (like a BlackBerry PlayBook) or if you need to replace the ring that you are currently using. Once adhere you can now unite the lens to your phone and start taking photo awesomeness.

I bet you want to get your hands on these lenses, don’t you? Well if you do you can check out their store and pick the these awesome lenses, and you can pick up other goodies that they offer! Photojojo ships anywhere in the USA and most places internationally. I know a lot of people wonder about shipping charges so check out the images below for shipping methods and cost. Other than that just follow the link below to order your photojojo lenses today (whether you want just one individual lens or the set of three), and get to snapping some awesome photos from your BlackBerry handhelds or your BlackBerry PlayBook.


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