Kisai Labs Brings Trapeez A Tumblr Client To BlackBerry 10


For those of you (me included) who uses Tumblr was very sad to see that the Tumblr app was not available for BlackBerry 7 devices. The only thing we had available to us was web launchers that we had to pay $0.99 for. Even for the BlackBerry PlayBook there really weren’t much of any options either. The call was answered by Kisai Labs with Trapeez the Tumblr client you’ve been looking for. With Trapeez you can:

  • Post photos, text and more
  • View your following
  • Search by tags
  • Reblog
  • Like posts
What more can you ask for! Now the only catch is this right now is only available for BlackBerry 10 devices, and Dev Alpha devices so if you don’t have one yet you are out of luck but keep hope alive because as soon as you get a BlackBerry 10 device make this one of the apps at the top of your list that you have to download right away. Trapeez can be purchased for $1.99.

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