Ragged Edge 3D Races It’s Way Over To The BlackBerry PlayBook


Last week BlackBerry World let in a must have game. Ragged Edge 3D. Honestly, I hesitated in purchasing the game at first. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted another racing game. I finally purchased the game and I have not been disappointed with it at all! Ragged Edge is a 3D space racer game and is packed with, amazing 3D graphics, 36 races on 15 tracks, 3 Game modes: Solo, versus (up to 86 opponents!), boarding. It also includes smooth controls, fascinating story written by sci-fi book author Jacques Martel.

This game at first took me a couple tries to get use to the controls but once I got the hang of it, just like any other game I have been flying through the game, as I try to beat my record times to set new ones. Ragged Edge is a must have game and with a “G” rating it’s great for all ages. So if you were like me debating on buying this game or not, go ahead and do it. It is well worth the money! The developer even gave us a sneak peak as to whats to come in the next planned updates. Which includes added alternative controls (on screen press for turning), and adding tilt sensibility options. Also, sharing scores online. Point your BlackBerry PlayBook to the link below and get Ragged Edge 3D now to experience one of the fastest 3D space racer available for your BlackBerry PlayBook for $3.99.

Ragged Edge 3D For BlackBerry PlayBook $3.99 >>


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