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Create The Perfect Lens Blur With TiltShift For BlackBerry PlayBook

24 January 2013 No Comment

For those of you who know me know I love photography especially from my BlackBerry. So whenever I come across an application that has to do with photography I want to check it out. My search has led me to TiltShift for the BlackBerry PlayBook. TiltShift enables you to control the perfect lens blur and color effect. With TiltShift you do have control over radial or linear blur. For color you can control saturation, contrast and brightness, and quality of the picture. This is a great application to have if you like to edit and play with your pictures that you take on your BlackBerry PlayBook. So capture the link below and grab TiltShift on your BlackBerry PlayBook for free.


TiltShift FREE For BlackBerry PlayBook >>

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