Enjoy Taking Pictures On Your BlackBerry PlayBook, Well Frame Them With MiniFrames


If you love taking awesome pictures on your BlackBerry PlayBook then this is probably an app for you! MiniFrames has brought their awesome app over to the BlackBerry PlayBook that gives you the ability to decorate your pictures with awesome, custom frames to enhance your pictures. Just think of the masterpieces you can create. I remember growing up my mom would spend countless hours developing film, and looking for frames to make really nice pictures to hang on the wall. Well forget all of that, with mini frames it’s just a few step process and you can easily make custom frames to display on your PlayBook or share with others on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the features you can find on MiniFrames:

  • You can adjust the original photo, it can be resized and moved
  • 30 frames to choose
  • All the Frames are included with the app, so you don’t need to download them
  • Save your decorated photo in your Pictures Folder
  • Share your picture in FaceBook and Twitter
Like I mentioned earlier this is an awesome application to use to make your photos beautiful, and it’s really easy to use. So show off your custom frames with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, or directly from your BlackBerry PlayBook absolutely free (for a limited time only)! Oh, and with the money you save you can grab Luko Frame. So point your BlackBerry PlayBook to the link below.

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