From App World To BlackBerry World- 1,336 Days Later


I was going through my twitpic account online yesterday, posting pictures and browsing through old memories and I came across a screenshot of my device 1336 days ago. It was the launch of BlackBerry App World. As you can see it launched at version 1.0.030 and only 524.0KB in size, with limited availability. The three locations of course Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Now BlackBerry App World World is available almost everywhere. Well over 170 markets can access BlackBerry World to gain some of the best apps. Now with BlackBerry 10 launching in less than a week, this new OS powered by QNX will change the face of the mobile industry again. BlackBerry World will be home to over well over 34,000 ported apps from the Port-A-Thons and many more apps from the BlackBerry App Generator powered by Mippin.It will also house apps from seasoned BlackBerry developers as well as new developers (either from other platforms, or brand new to the world of coding).

I have very fond memories of BlackBerry App World launching 1336 days ago (roughly 3years 7months and 23 days ago placing the time frame to April 1, 2009). When I first heard a noise I thought it was a hoax since it was April Fools Day, but that evening (I want to say it was between 8-9pm EST) when I saw it was true I sent out a tweet with this image letting my followers know that it was available for download. At the time App World was rather a small eco system of applications simply because BlackBerry developers were scattered. There were a few locations where they could actually share their applications. It was either through mobihand, getjar, or if they hosted it on their own website. Over the course of time, it grew and grew and even though Android and Apple surpassed it in number of apps offered the quality of applications with BlackBerry stayed strong.

Even over the last BlackBerry World Confernce (Now known as BlackBerry Live) and DevCon (also re-branded to BlackBerry Jam) Alec Saunders and company proved over and over with myth busting facts such as: the BlackBerry market is shrinking, BlackBerry users don’t use apps, and BlackBerry developers can’t make money. With these myth busting facts it was and has been proved that App World (Now BlackBerry World) is a force to be reckoned with.

The re-branding to BlackBerry World should be regarded as a sign to the other platforms, and to the ones who thought RIM was failing, and near it’s end that this is a BlackBerry World. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for BlackBerry World and its already robust catalog of applications for BlackBerry 10.


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