Test Your Aim With Ace Archers For BlackBerry Devices & BlackBerry PlayBook- FREE


Browsing through BlackBerry World I came across a FREE game for my son’s PlayBook called Ace Archers. After seeing him play it I had to download it on mine to check it out. Ace Archers is great for those who want to test your skills at aiming at targets. Just think you can’t carry your dartboard every where you go so why not take your PlayBook or BlackBerry smartphone with you. Ace Archers really is a simple but fun game. Learn to aim and shoot the arrow to try and hit the board. You gain points every time you hit the board and the boards come in various sizes and they move in different directions which adds a level of difficulty to the game. My son (7 years old), and I both beat the game in a couple hours, however, the fun isn’t over yet! You can continue playing whichever level you like to try and beat the high score you previously set.

If you like fun games, free games, and games that can keep you challenged then grab Ace Archers. Like I mentioned you can grab this app for free and it looks like it’s compatible for BlackBerry devices OS 5.0+ and for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Just point your device to the link below.

Ace Archers FREE >>


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