!Waytag Make Location Simple Coming To BlackBerry 10


Have you ever heard of Waytag? Personally I haven’t, but after I came across the video above I was very impressed. !Waytag is already on Android and Apple platforms and they will be launching on BlackBerry 10. What is !Waytag well simply put is:

!Waytag is a permanent address that moves with you. !Waytags are the simplest way to locate people, businesses, places, objects and events. Your !Waytag stays the same, even if your address or location changes, so people can always find you. !Waytags are easy to share.

This app makes it very easy for you to find friends, family especially kids, send your location out to others, or find businesses, all by creating a tag. It is easy for you to update and share your location by linking your location to your own personal and unique !waytag name. It’s sort of like a url, or an IP addresses as the video above mentions. You create it, you manage it and you choose with who, when and how you want to share your !waytag information. Even when you move your !waytag name stays the same. All you have to do is update your location information. From what it seems it looks like it will be a free application. So be on the look out for this app on BlackBerry 10. For more information check out the video above, or follow the link below to their website.

!Waytag – Make Location Simple >>



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