Transfer content from Box and Dropbox storage to your local BlackBerry Z10


So I finally had the chance to play around with the Box and Dropbox options on the Z10 this weekend. Something really cool I tried was copying content from Dropbox (or Box) to the Z10 built in storage or SD card. The process is quite easy. After configuring your accounts, you’re able to browse all contents in the native File Manager. From there, you can select to copy any files and paste them in the desired location, which might be right on your SD card for the ease of local access. Also, you don’t need to keep File Manager active. Feel free to close it and swipe down from the top of the screen to check progress. Reference to the screenshot above.

It looks like BlackBerry is really pushing for cloud storage here with both of these services integrated in the operating system. It might be worthwhile just backing up your important SD card contents on one of the services depending how much space you have of course. For all you Z10 users, Anyone taking advantage of the cloud services?


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