Protect Your Z10 With Max Mobile Secuirty The World’s 1st Anti Virus For BlackBerry 10 – FREE Limited Time Only



Are you an owner of a brand new BlackBerry Z10? Are you doing everything you can to keep it from getting scratched or dinged up by purchasing accessories such as cases or gel skins or pouches for your Z10? Well what about protecting it’s insides, have you take that into consideration?  You know, protecting it from malicious apps or infected files? Well the guys over at Max Secure Software have, released the world’s first anti-virus software for the BlackBerry 10 platform. After talking to the development team I learned how this application works and its really cool. When you open up the app and click on scan it will scan through all files and apps on your device and memory card. If files come up on your device or memory card that are infected you will have the option to select those files and delete them. If it is a malicious app you can’t delete that app from Max Security (due to api limitations) but you can delete the app as you normal would through BlackBerry World.

Max Security is a cascades app, which includes BBM integration so you can easily share the app via BBM with your contacts, because who would want to let their friends or family Z10 get attacked by virus, infected files, or malicious apps? You can get this application, Mobile Max Security for FREE for the next two weeks. So grab it while you can. After this two week promo the app will go up to it’s normal price of $5.00. Want more info just follow the link below.

Max Mobile Security For BlackBerry Z10 FREE (For A Limited Time) >>



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