Surfers, We Don’t Have The Surfline App But We Can Still Get Great Surfcast Video Feeds & Info


Living in Florida just a few mins from the ocean, and in the same areas where surf greats such as Kelly Slater and the Hobgood twins come from and surfed; you can’t help but to get into surfing. The surf industry is getting larger and larger by the day, and the most important thing to a surfer besides having a board is having good waves. I have been searching through BlackBerry World to find an app such as Magic Seaweed or Surfline (which can be found on both Android and iPhone) which gives you the surfcast for the day and the next few days. The best features of these applications is the ability to check out the surfcast, tides, winds, as well as watch live video feeds of your favorite surf spots. Even on my BlackBerry 9900 the best I could do is go to the webpage and even then it was lacking in what everyone else had access to. It was very limited to say the least. 
Over the weekend I decided to check out surf line on my BlackBerry Dev Alpha since I was heading to the beach and to my surprise I was able to see the site in its entirety as well as check out the live video feed of the surfcast at local spots. It worked like a charm. I didn’t have to look at a small grainy video or painfully navigate through the website. The website looked so good that it was if I was using an app. So even though there is no app the website displays beautifully on my Dev Alpha. It would still be awesome to have the app available but until I can (hopefully) talk Surfline into getting their app over to BlackBerry 10, using the website will work out just fine. This is one thing I really like about the new BlackBerry platform, it has such a powerful web browser. Check out the images below to check out what I got to see in both portrait and landscape modes.

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