Help Emily Escape From The Magic Maze For BlackBerry PlayBook & Z10


Can you help Emily? Emily went Trick-O-Treating with her friends, and decided to go to an old scary abandoned looking house. Emily’s friends told her that they weren’t going over there. Emily, being as persistent as she is knocked on the door. It opened! Walking in she found Candy and heard a warning to leave because the house she was in is a bad place! Before Emily could escape the door closed, and she is trapped! Can you help Emily escape the haunted house. Lead Emily through the magic maze to grab candy lying around, and keys to get from one room to another. Beware! The maze can be full of traps and various evil monsters to get past! Survive the 24 level adventure to help Emily escape. Are you up to the challenge? Then follow the link below and grab Emily and the Magic Maze for FREE for your BlackBerry PlayBook or for your Z10!

Get Emily And The Magic Maze For BlackBerry PlayBook & Z10 >>


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