Help Rocket Bob With We Zap For BlackBerry PlayBook & Z10


So I was searching through BlackBerry World and I came across We Zap for the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry Z10. We Zap comes from the creators of George The Unlucky Fish, Billy’s Hill, and Sylvester’s Band so I had to download it. We Zap has a very simple concept, but it is very challenging to complete. If you check out the image above you see Bob, and his rocket. You must help Rocket Bob from crashing into obstacles by zapping them. You do this by connecting the obstacles with cables and start a chain reaction by dragging a cable into the sky to catch lightning. Like I said seems really easy but as the game progresses the 20 second timer you have flies by! Do you think you have what it takes to save Rocket Bob? If you do then head over to BlackBerry World and grab this game now. It’s a great time killer, good for all ages, and fun to challenge your friends. You can get We Zap for Free, just follow the link below.

Grab We Zap For Free For BlackBerry PlayBook & Z10 >>


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