Bring Your Photos To Life With Burst Mode On Your BlackBerry Z10


For those of you who know me, know I love photography especially from my BlackBerry devices. There a lot of awesome tips and tricks you can use to enhance your pictures or take them to another dimension without editing them. However, if you did want to edit your pictures to give them a special look the default picture editor on the BlackBerry 10 platform is amazing. You can also find some really good quality apps in BlackBerry World. 

One of the coolest features that has been added to the BlackBerry Z10 camera is a feature called Burst. Burst allows you to take multiple pictures at once. To utilize this feature you can either tap and hold the screen, and you will hear the camera shutter continuously snapping; or you can use the side convenience keys.  Here’s a quick tip that I’ve learned: try and keep your hand as still as possible, or your slideshow of pictures may look a little wobbly.  There are a few reasons why this is an awesome feature. If you are trying to get the right shot instead of taking one picture, and possibly missing what you were aiming for you can continuously shoot and get that money shot. Or you can use it to make a video animation.  Check out the videos below to see two examples of burst mode in action, and give this feature a whirl, and see what you can come up with. Both videos are short and have roughly 60 pictures.

Just a little disclaimer. This was just me testing the feature out, and trying to keep from getting wet. I used Windows Movie Maker and set the background duration for 0.55 seconds.


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