Ruzzle Makes Its Way To BlackBerry For $2.99


Yes, that’s right the ever popular Ruzzle has made it’s way to BlackBerry 10 just after the Z10 launches in the USA. For those of you who may have never heard of Ruzzle, you have to check it out. Ruzzle which is already available on Android and Apple devices is a fun paced word game where you must find as many words in two minutes by swiping ¬†your finger across the letters on the screen to make words. Words can only be made with letters that are next to each other. Meaning you can’t touch a letter in the bottom right hand corner and then touch a letter in the top left hand corner. Challenge your friends, or find new opponents in this three round game. A winner is determined by whoever has the highest score. The best part is you choose when you want to play your round. Sometimes life gets i the way of fun, so if you can’t play it right then when the challenge is made that’s fine, you can pick up the match where you left off as soon as you have a couple minutes to spare.

So check out Ruzzle for BlackBerry 10. I went searching to see if they offered a FREE version like you could find on the other platforms but none at this time. However, if you aren’t familiar with Ruzzle I assure you this would be a $2.99 well invested. So what are you waiting for. Grab Ruzzle for your BlackBerry Z10 now.

Ruzzle For BlackBerry Z10 $2.99 >>


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