Tell A Story With Story Maker


Have you ever wanted to easily create videos on your phone? While on the go? Maybe you don’t have access to a computer? Or you just get confused with having to play with video editing tools on a computer? You need to check out Story Maker. Story Maker was demoed at the January 30th release of the BlackBerry 10 platform. Story Maker gives you the ability to put pictures and videos together to make your own movies and share them with family and friends, all while on the go. Since the device has just officially launched in the USA I figure this would be a perfect time to show everyone how it works. Story Maker comes preloaded on your BlackBerry 10 handheld so it is easy to find on your device.

Here is how it works. Simply choose what media you would like to use, it doesn’t matter if it’s pictures or videos. Select a song to play in the background (this is optional). Afterwards you will tag your video, by giving it a title, dating it, adding a closing credit. You can edit the placement of pictures and videos, edit the length of videos, etc. Last but not least you can then choose a filter for it to be played in (filters include but are not limited to Black and White, Chromatic, Vintage, and Beach). It really is easy. Instead of trying to explain more, I’ll show you my first attempt at making a video using Story Maker; just check out the video above. So if you haven’t checked out Story Maker, then get on it now.


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